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This website is designed to help couples and relatives plan their wedding. If the following words relate to your wedding then you’re in the right place! Desi, Asian, Shaadi, Indian, Bengali, Pakistani and similar terms.

A unique, once-in-a-lifetime day to enjoy with family and friends that takes many hours of preparation and hard work. We know weddings are a big deal to most people but not least the Asian community!

We all need advice when we plan something so important, and even more if it is our first time. After having seen the new opportunities offered by the world of the Internet and how they could help simplify, speed up and enhance this important process, we created Desi Wedding Hub ltd in 2016.


Why Desi WeddingHub?

We think this will say it all; check out our business listing eligibility and you’ll see that we don’t allow just anyone to list on our page! just like you wouldn’t want just anyone playing a vital part of your wedding. There’s only one chance to get the big day right so we take great care and pride in the business that are part of our directory. We have also gone through key word searches and ensured that you will already find the most relevant business listings in our directory. This saves you time as you don’t need to Google search each supplier – we have done the search for you, filtered the genuine and reputable suppliers, and also added more relevant information to improve the user experience.

Our criteria was created through feedback from the people who are looking to get married. Feedback is also used to help constantly improve the site and it’s features, we encourage any feedback you may have by contacting us. We take our directory very seriously and everything is inspired by the people for the people!

Our site is secure! You may have noticed a padlock icon in our web address and that our URL starts with https://. This reassures you that our site uses the SSL protocol (a data transfer security standard that encrypts data and authenticates the server and the integrity of the message). This is also known as the TLS protocol. This symbol indicates that all information, most notably banking details are secured.


Shaadi Mubarak from the Desi Wedding Hub team.



All feedback is reported directly to the management team. This information plays a vital role in shaping the website for our users. Just some examples of how important your feedback is to us;

You said: “some of the results had a link to a website but didn’t take you anywhere”

Issue: the company’s website host server had a technical issue which meant the website could not be accessed or viewed.

We did: We now have checks in place to heck each link ourselves to ensure you are forwarded to the business’s website. If this does not happen for any reason, the listing is removed until the issue is fixed.

Benefit: Saves time for our users and maintains our service standards.




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