Asian wedding photography background


Photography is one of the key components to planning any wedding especially an Asian wedding. This is the part that will provide you with ever lasting memories of the special day. You need to pick carefully as you want photos that compliment the family connection, the joyous occasion and all the smiles that come with all the happiness on the day. Asian weddings tend to use bold colors with lots of red and gold and cream. Selecting a photographer is an important task, their skill set can vary from directing the wedding, observing from an outside perspective and being a factual recorder. Some even claim to have super powers and prefer to be known as “smile catchers”, “story tellers” and can even freeze time!

Common moments that are captured;
  • Mehendi or Henna on the palms of the bride indicating she is getting ready.
  • The bride in a wedding dress with heavy wedding jewellery.
  • Arrival of the groom on a horse in a procession, and being greeted at the door.
  • The wedding mandap.
  • Bride and groom seated, sometimes engaged in worship.
  • Religious rituals.
  • Special moments together and with family.
  • Portrait of the couple as a royal couple, with guests on their sides as blessing dignitaries or attendants.
  • Bidaai-  the crying of the bride as she leaves her parents care.
  • Wedding portrait: showing the newly wedded husband and wife.



  • DSLR cameras
  • Steadicams
  • Professional lighting
  • Pro editing tools
  • Backup memory card



  • Will you have a gender preferance?
  • Is there a particular language barrier?
  • What culture and religious theme will the wedding be?
  • Will you consider ready made packages?
  • How many staff will you want?
  • What medium will the images be required? i.e. USB stick
  • Are you looking to capture Pre and Post Wedding events?
  • Are you looking to have a Pre Wedding photoshoot?
  • Would you want an album?
  • Would you want any wall art i.e. picture frames?
  • How long has the business been in existence?


Information required by photographer

  • How many days coverage required?
  • What type of wedding will it be?
  • What is the date of the function?
  • What will be the timings?
  • What is the location of the wedding, groom’s residence and bride’s residence?
  • Will there be any other photographers i.e. from the opposite family side?


Information to ask the photographer

  • How many images will you provide?
  • How long will it take to provide the finished product?
  • Why should I chose you?
  • What information do you need to provide me a quote?
  • Will there be any contract?
  • What secure payment methods do you allow?
  • What stages of payments are there? i.e 25% deposit, 65% within 30 days of function and 10% on completion
  • In what situations will you provide me a refund?
  • Where do we meet for editing?
  • Can you show me a copy of your insurance?


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